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Call For Papers
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2019 5th International Conference on Education, Learning and Training (ICELT 2019)  is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied Education, Learning and Training. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Academic Advising & Counselling
Adult Education Human Resources Management 
Advanced Educational Statistics and Application of Statistics Packages
Alternative Assessment of Teaching
Anthropology of Education
Applied Cognitive Psychology
Applied Social Psychology
Asynchronous Learning
Ault and Continuing Education
Behavior and Motor Control
Biological psychology
Biology Education
Blended Learning
Brain Science and Education
Career Development
Casual Factors Of Educational Development
Chemistry Education
ChildrenĄ¯s Psychology
Classroom Monitoring
Cognition and Action
Cognition and Cognitive Development
Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory and Cognition
Cognitive psychology
Comparative Education
Comparison of Child Education in Different Countries
Computers for Education
Continuing Education & its Delivery
Cooperative Education
Creative and Individualized Teaching
Creativity and Special Abilities
Critical Theory and Education
Cross Cultural Aspects of Education
Cross Disciplinary Areas of Education
Cross-cultural and indigenous psychology
Developing & Organizational E-Learning Strategy
Development of School-based Curriculum
Developmental Psychology
Developmental psychology
Disasters Management
Discipline, Specialty Construction and Talents Cultivation
Distance Learning and Distance Teaching
Early Childhood Education
Economic Crisis & Education
Economic Psychology
Education Economy Project Management 
Education For Sustainable Development
Education in Math, Science, and Technology
Education Innovation
Education Marketing
Education Policy and Administration/Leadership
Education Reform
Education Reforms
Education Science
Education Supervision
Educational Accounting and Finance Management
Educational Administration
Educational and school psychology
Educational Communications and Technology
Educational Evaluation
Educational Finance
Educational Measurement and Evaluation
Educational party construction Technology Management 
Educational psychology
Educational Psychology Strategic Management 
Educational reform Organizational Management 
Educational research
Educational Software and Development
Educational technologies for People with Special Needs
Educational Technology
Educational Theory Management Theory 
Educational, Instructional & School Psychology
Elementary Education
Emotional Intelligence
Engaging Students With The World- Digital & Global Discovery
Engineering Education
Engineering Practice Teaching
Evaluation of Engineering Education
Evaluation/Performance Measurement & Assessment
Family Education
Family Psychology
Finance of Education
Gender & Education
Gender Education
Generic Skills Development
Global Education System
Global Mobility
Globalization in Education Challenges and Problems

Hermeneutics and Education
Higher Education
History of Education
Home Education
Human Resource Management and Development in Education
Human Rights Education
Humanism and Education
Ict & Education
Ideological and Political Education Information Management 
Information and Communications Technology in Education
Information and Computer Education
Innovative Programmes/Services
Integrative Learning
Interactions between Enterprise and Education
Interactive & Creative Learning Environment
Inter-Cultural Understanding
International Education System In Global Context
International Student Support
Introduction to Education
Introduction to Special Education
Language Education
Law of Education
Leadership in Educational Administration
Learning Community
Learning Complex Motor Tasks
Learning Outcomes & Assessment
Learning, Memory and Neural Development
Life Education
Lifelong Learning System
Management of Educational Business
Management of Educational Institutes
Management system of education
Methods of Educational Research
Military and forensic psychology
Modern Thoughts on Education
Multimedia for Education
Networking & Collaboration Amongst Students Affairs Organizations
Organizational Behavior in Education
Parent Education
Personnel training
Philosophy of Education
Politics of Education
Positive Psychology
Post Conflict Post Disaster In Education
Postmodern Thoughts
Practical Teaching Reform
Pricing and Economic Analysis of Engineering Education
Primary Education
Professional training and supervision
Project Teaching
Quality Assurance in educational technologies.
Quality Management & Assessment In Holistic Education Research
Reading Psychology and Teaching
Re-engineering of Engineering Education
Resources and Funds in educational technologies.
School Administration
School and Educational Psychology
School and society 
School Management Management Psychology
Science & Technology
Secondary Education
Service Learning
Skills For Work & Life
Social Education
Social psychology
Sociology of Education
Sociology of Teaching
Special Education
Student Leadership
Teacher Education
Teaching Ethical Intercultural Communication
Teaching practice Management practices 
Teaching Respect for All
Teaching Talent Training
Technical And Vocational Education & Training
Technology Development Knowledge innovation project 
Testing and Evaluation in Education
Transfer of Know-how for educational technologies
Understanding Explanatory Coherence
Virtual school, Virtual Classroom
Vocational and Technical Education
Vocational Education Engineering management 
Vocational Education Psychology
Web-Based Education and Training
Web-Management of education
Women & Girls Education
Graduate and Postgraduate School of Curriculum Instruction
Group Guidance in Classroom